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Creating a CV is time consuming. But you have to start it at one point and recruiters will probably not be interested if you do not have a CV. So take some time and use the CVFORMAT below to start your CV writing.



Remember this is just the start of your CV creation and everytime you look at your CV you are certainly going to see areas where you can improve it.


As an experienced recruiter, I can affirm that a CV is the door to your employment life, get it right you can surpass stronger candidates to a post.


Create your CV using our simple CVFORMAT.





Phone Number




A brief description of your skills and strengths (E.g. hardworking, punctual, good attitude....)


Qualifications/Education History: (start with the most recent first, giving a brief description of the main subjects you have studied)


Employment History: (start with the most recent first, giving a brief description of the main duties you have been carrying out)


Start Date - End Date: Employer( & Address )- Job Title


(Explain any gaps - e.g. took time off to study or travel or looking after children or for a new job






On Interview Day, dress appropriately for your interview and do not forget your personal appearance and hygiene.

Common interview questions:

Tell me about yourself

Why do you want the job

What qualifies you for the job

What are your strengths and weaknesses

What has been your biggest achievement



We will try our best to give you a better chance of finding a job